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Top Holiday and Honeymoon Destination in USA

USA is a large country and is known to be the oldest democracy in the world. USA has numerous tourist destinations that attract tourists from far and wide. In USA tourism is quite popular and contributes significantly to the US economy. There are always efforts on the part of the government of USA to promote tourism. This is done by making adequate investments in infrastructure projects like the construction of roads, bridges, mega cities, hotels and restaurants, shopping malls, parks, gardens etc. Besides the government of USA there are private and semi-private travel and tourism agencies that aids in promoting USA tourism.

Top Holiday and Honeymoon Destination in USA
Top Holiday and Honeymoon Destination in USA

Most of these agencies are experienced and have been doing business for years. They have well furnished office spaces in different parts of the world including India. They also have quality work force that aid them in delivering quality services to their clients at affordable prices. These agencies are quite popular as they conduct thorough research and surveys in order to understand the tastes and preferences of tourists from across the world. Based on the surveys that are conducted they announce deals and packages to lure tourist from far and wide. Sometimes the packages are aimed towards general public whereas at times they are directed towards a certain section of the population that includes romantic couples. There are even plans and packages for married couples to visit exotic US destinations so that they can spend quality time with their partners at affordable prices.

USA Vacation Packages from Delhi India
Niagara Falls

Among the different holiday destinations that these agencies consider while formulating these packages are tourist locations in and around the US island of Hawaii, the exotic tourist sites of USA and the western coast of USA. The tour to Hawaii is a 10 day package and covers 4 major cities that include Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and San Francisco. The tour to the exotic tourist sites of USA is a 17 day tour package that includes a visit to 6 major cities. These cities are New York, Orlando, Miami, Bahamas Cruise, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. Whereas the trip to the western coast of USA is a 12 day package that incorporates 3 major US cities in the west coast and they are Honolulu, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

Holiday Tour Packages for USA from Delhi India

US tour is preferred by most married couples as it provides an opportunity to visit the most exotic beaches of USA like the Miami, Florida, Hawaii, Honolulu beaches. Besides the food and the hospitality services that are extended to the tourists in different deluxe hotels of USA is yet another reason for the tourists to pick USA as their favourite holiday destination. Besides, the infrastructure of USA like good roads, quality hotels and resorts, shopping malls etc attract tourists from far and wide. Travelling to USA is not at all difficult as it is well connected to the rest of the world by means of airways and waterways.

USA Bahamas Cruise Tour Packages from Delhi India
Bahamas Cruise

Many Indian tourists especially married couples are lured by the prospects of seeing the sights and sounds of USA prefer USA as their holiday destination. This way they not only spend quality time with their family and friends but also experience USA Tour Packages in one or more ways.

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