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Top 10 Romantic Destinations in Italy for Couples

A honeymoon in Italy can be as lit as you cruising through the clear water canals of Venice, heritage sites, wine tasting and vineyard touring with your sweetheart in Tuscany, having fun at a romantic evening with exotic meal at the Amalfi coast, and spend quality time while reading Romeo and Juliet in a rather humble B&B in Verona – the favorite honeymoon packages for Italy are the ones that make you fulfill your dreams.

Top 10 Romantic Destinations in Italy for Couples

1. Rome

Rome will add spice to your married life by being in the prime Italy packages from Delhi. The capital of Italy is a full of glitz, glamour, and famous art forms that would skip a heartbeat. Rome showcases the world class Italian architecture such as the Garden of Oranges with popular monuments of Rome and surrounded by orange blossoming all around. Pincio Gardens is a romantic attraction with a picturesque lake, perfect for the married couples.

Romantic Destinations in Rome

2. Venice

 The Venetian gondola is well renowned all over the universe that makes Venice stand significant among the finest Italy tour packages from India. It is surely the most adorable thing to do when visiting Italy. You can wander around the city canals and witness at the spectacular Italian architecture. Venice’s ideal landscape and lifestyle is fascinating since 600 years. You can have well prepared Gelatos with your better half. You can watch ballet and opera performances in the Theatre La Fenice to make your trip more special.

Romantic Destinations in Venice

3. Cilento

 Cilento is a mini treasure that is just meant for a romantic gateway with your love of the life. With calm and light scenic atmosphere and being isolated place, you will get time for each other in entire journey to Italy. You can add archeological remnants, charming coastline and hills form the landscape of Cilento and different Vallo di Diano National Park and boat tours to discover the gems of Cilento in your list.

Romantic Destinations in Cilento

4. Naples

 A visit to the Naples is a necessary visit destination it you want the out of sight honeymoon. It has everything to amaze you with an admirable volcano view, culinary brilliance, medieval buildings, and an amazing coastline that’ll please your senses. From graffiti to frescoes, you’ll get rhythm all over when in this city. You can visit the heritage landmarks of Pompeii and Vesuvius falling in love.

Romantic Destinations in Naples

5. Verona

Verona always celebrates love and compassion by making the setting for Shakespeare’s immortal love saga, Romeo and Juliet. Fall in the eyes your lover and hold hands to reach Verona’s Arena to take a glimpse of opera performances that are the most incredible in the world. Enjoy the look of Ponte Pietro Bridge from Teatro Romano.

Romantic Destinations in Verona

6. Capri Islands

Capri Islands is placed on the bay of Naples displaying nature’s exciting uptown glamour.  Capri is the place that will never disappoint you from its alluring landscapes or designer showrooms. This leading attraction is Blue Grotto, with features as a dark cavern where the sea sparks due to the sunlight and surely an eye catching sight. Have fancy cocktails on the Punta Carena Lighthouse, while witnessing the appealing sunsets at the sea.

Romantic Destinations in Capri Islands

7. Amalfi

Among the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Amalfi Coast in Amalfi spreads love with beautiful cliffs near the blue sea. Moving forward you’ll see woods flourishing. You can watch the radiant sunset in this town while eating the delightful Italian cuisine at a classy cafe is among a simple yet extraordinary romantic date on your honeymoon in Italy. You must next head to elegant Arechi Castle that shows pretty views of Salerno city. There’s a museum inside that you can spot, and it is also the place for numerous live concerts.

Romantic Destinations in Capri Amalfi

8. Lake Como

It is situated on the foothills of Italian Alps. Lake Como is fascinating for lovebirds having marriage on their cards soon. If you are adventure enthusiasts go for bungee jumping, kite surfing, windsurfing and ziplining in Jungle Raider Park. The next destination could be the century Botanic Gardens, covered by the lake.

Romantic Destinations in Lake Como

9. Monterosso al Mare

A small town Monterosso al Mare is the grand mark in Italy honeymoon destinations. With your beloved, wander around both the old and the new town by loving the many lemon trees, the fantasy castle and a royal church, and of course the mesmerizing shoreline.

Romantic Destinations in Monterosso Al Mare

10. Florence

Florence is top Italy honeymoon packages from India in Europe for its breathtaking cityscape and being the capital of Tuscany region is well known for Tuscanian vineyards. Try Italy’s exceptional wine, awe inspiring beauty, and the love in the air. You can head to Ponte Vecchio Bridge, where couples perform the old tradition of throwing keys over the bridge to mark their love. Watch the gorgeous golden sunset from the Piazzale Michelangelo and enjoy the beauty of this city.

Romantic Destinations in Florence

Thus Italy is itself a full honeymoon package destination in Europe and give best of your times.

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