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Tomorrowland 2014 – A Music Festival at Belgium

Tomorrowland 2014 – Event Date

The dates for the year of 2014 Tomorrowland music festival are released. The festival will take place from July 18, 2014 to July 20, 2014 and then continue the next weekend of July from July 25, 2014 to July 28, 2014.

Tomorrowland is a culmination of joy. It is like having a great party between different music loving countries. Music lovers from all over the world gather to listen to the famous DJs for the biggest festival. People run in, waving the flags of their beloved motherland to showcase how far and wide they have come for the love of music. How passionate they are to give themselves this delicacy loved and cherished by every man who ever lived on this earth, to give the most joyful sensation to their ears.

Tomorrowland 2014 - A Music Festival at Belgium
Tomorrowland 2014 – A Music Festival at Belgium

The festival takes every year at Belgium at the same old town of Boom, which is very close to Antwerp; normally around the same weekend of July from July 26–28. Tomorrowland is known far and wide for its vast range of electronic music. This festival is planned, organized and arranged by ID&T. It made its first appearance on the international calendar in 2005 when the music lovers of Belgium came up with an unique idea to celebrate the rise of electronic music and showcase the rise of this new form of musical beauty.

WARNING: It is a statutory warning to never compare Tomorrowland with any previous form of entertainment, fair or any other musical stuff which ever took place on earth.

The scale of joy and extent of madness associated with the music of Tomorrowland can only be judged from a small fact that more than 185,000 people from more than 75 countries located around the globe were in attendance in the last edition of this fair of music. The line-up of performers in the Tomorrowland, not to mention, consists of over 400 DJs, who have achieved excellence in their field over years and have created eternal and endless music. Throughout the music fair over two weekends they disperse the joy of tune and rhythm while playing day and night on fifteen stages in their divided slots each day. Records say that, in less than a day, the officially available 185000 tickets were sold out without any worries of full house crowds. The stats show that at some point of time there were over 2,000,000 people crying out loud on the online waiting list to get a chance to witness this yearly gathering of musical geniuses. Tomorrowland and its sponsors also provided several exclusive travel deals and tourism packages to ease the transportation from over 15 metropolitan cities from around the world chosen randomly. Also, a surprising number of 25 airlines were just organized and arranged to bring the loving spectators to the city of the festival from all around the world.


It surely stands at the top in the list of the 10 topmost music and cultural festivals presently organized on Earth which is so very obvious from grandeur and enormous arrangements made for the discussion. The description above also justifies the vastness of the facilities gathered for such a rare occasion.

The signature tune and pride of Tomorrowland 2014 is surely its rainbow crowd. Hugely hyped and loud brightly colored costumes; insanity and love for music dripping from their out of the world dance and their body swinging in the state of musical trance and joy of being touched by the language of the voiceless. Moving up and down, non-stop for 3 days each weekend on the mad beats and singing loud the hell out of them- the crowd surely takes the occasion to a heavenly level. The brilliant crowd mainly consists of hot blooded youngsters who nowadays have the festival of Tomorrowland set on the top position of list of *Things to surely do before you breath your last*. The band of girls and guys here believe in wearing clothing and fashion trends which are best described as the next best thing to being absolutely naked. Swinging crazy to the eternal call of the pure base in less than half of their common senses working, the crowd is surely a feast for your eyes as well as mind. And here legally, you can keep, carry or buy as much amount of drinks and mouth watering food to ensure that you stay on top of the cloud nine for the whole night. But if that makes you think even in the rarest possible thoughts, that the Tomorrowland is just like another big and high end beach party; then let me give you a small reminder- that it has awesome facilities listening to the world class music from anywhere you wish- be it a reserved table, or the VIP areas and even the soothing Massage facility which is opened specially for the festival crowd.


It is really hard to believe that you are seeing around 200000 people moving around you, with half bare bodies flowing insanely with the music of a single man playing at the deck to mesmerize this lovely crowd which has gathered to listen to his creation only. Also to qualify for playing even one tune in the festival stage of Tomorrowland you surely need to be one of the big shot of world music or at least electronic music such as Hardwell, Tiesto, Dimitry, Vegas, David Guetta, or even like the world famous Mike Avichi or the Swedish House Mafia.

These 3 days full madness and music tickets took only €198.50 in the festival of 2013. The food arrangements and accommodation places are separate and the fans have to take care of those themselves.

To note- Most of the people who attend the fair of Tomorrowland have been observed the state of Nirvana instantly with the flow of the music driving through their nerves and veins.

This October, like last time, more than 100000 people from all over the globe came over to take part and enjoy madly this huge festival. The world’s biggest fair of electronic music and the greatest dance festival at Atlanta never turns down anyone. World’s topmost DJ’S have lovingly played their out of the world music on the stage of the Tomorrowland each day. DJ’S who marked their presence on the stage this time are Hardwell, David Guetta, Steve Aoki and The world famous Calvin Harris.


To conclude we can surely say that the party people of highest order all over the world have a common language and religion called TOMORROWLAND . For more fun and joy like this and also for knowing about the festivity of humanity around the world with crazy fun filled days, you can go through the details of La Tomatina- which is another form of festivity and dream like fun celebrated in Spain every year.


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