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Secret European Places you have no idea about

There are many secret beautiful places to visit in Europe other than Eiffel Tower, Swiss Alps, London Eye, and Westminster Abbey. If you are a fan of sweet secret spots, go ahead for some striking and lesser-known places. Trust us, these places will give you wanderlust goals.

Dervish House, Blagaj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Blagaj is the town-village situated at Mostar area of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is flanked by Buna River; this small town is the symbol of tranquility and peace. The real treasure in Blagaj is Dervish House. The Sufi monastery is well known for the mystical charm, quietude, and peace. Blue waters of Buna River, chaste white tekke, and clear skies make for the mesmerizing sight.

Odense, Denmark

If you’re familiar with works of writer Hans Christian Andersen, mention of Odense might ring a bell. The picturesque view, crisscrossing streets and amazing locales made for cyclists and pedestrians can take you right away from the busy city life. City’s identity is made around the Andersen’s legacy, with many museums, statues, and sculptures dedicated to master craftsmen.

Olomouc, Czech Republic

You think that Prague is the prettiest city in Europe? That is the claim not many will contest, but exploring the city of Olomouc may be worth your visit. The eastern city in the Czech Republic is as wonderful as Prague and easier on your senses. It’s also a home to UNESCO Heritage Site—Holy Trinity Column, the place is considered the best cities of Czech Republic.

Coimbra, Portugal

Old capital city of Portugal, Coimbra offers the eclectic mix of rich history and vibrant culture. It is a home to the oldest universities of the world, besides tastefully made churches and architecture that traces the roots back to the Roman period.

Samos Kokkari, Greece

This island, marked by legends and beauty, is about enjoying an exoticness of Greek vicinity in the miniature capsule. This place is a home to Pythagoras, father of mathematics, Epicurus, and Aristarchus. In the ancient day Greece, this served as the important trade area in Aegean. With the imposing mountains and blue waters, caves, and canyons, this place makes for the perfect place to enjoy nature in the best way.

Rothenburg, Germany

Another hidden gem of Europe can take you on the trip back to the quixotic period of Renaissance and Middle Ages. Every area of the place has an evidence of the bygone era. Just walk through the lanes and witness the restored home fronts, age-old signs, bay windows, fountains, and gables.

Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy

This is the combination of 2 murky Italian towns. Civita has earned a title of ‘Dying City’, is available just by the stone walkway as well as has 6 permanent residents.

Bozcaada, Turkey

The quaint island town stays relatively unknown and undiscovered in Turkey. Situated over 7 hours from Istanbul, this place has the close-knit vibe with just about 3,000 residents. Sparkling ocean, water boats, lanes dotted with the white brick homes with crimson rooftops, amazing weather and many vineyards make this the dream location for an offbeat traveler.

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