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Norway – A Fantastic Trip Planned for Indian Tourists

Norway is emerging as a major tourist destination in Europe. Norway is a very beautiful country known for its breathtaking natural beauty and modern cities. It is an ancient land with a cultural heritage and long history. Norway is quite a developed country as it is an oil producing country and has economically done quite well in the last few decades. Geographically Norway lies in Northern European region of Scandinavia. This country is also known as the “land of the rising sun” as it is close to the Arctic area and in the summer months in many northern areas of Norway, the sun never really sets completely. The scenic beauty is amazing with the beautiful fjords and lovely countryside that Norway is known for. Norway Tour Packages are a fabulous idea for Indian tourists as they can experience a lovely vacation in a great country. A travel advisory is that the tourists should avoid travelling to Norway on Norway Holiday Packages in the winter. This is because the country lies very close to the North Pole due to which it can get very cold in the winter months in Norway. Find a list of Norway – A Fantastic Trip Planned for Indian Tourists-

Norway - A Fantastic Trip Planned for Indian Tourists
                                                            Holiday in Norway

Norway Tailor Made Tour Packages are available with a leading and renowned tour operator in Delhi in India who has an experience in the travel business for more than a decade and plans international tours very well.  The tour will take the Indian vacation tourists to Oslo which is the capital city of Norway and also a scenic place in Norway called Bergen.

Details about the Norway Tour:

The journey for the tourists starts when they travel to Norway from India and reach the capital city of Oslo. Oslo is in the southern region of Norway and like many other capital cities in Europe it is a perfect blend of a modern developed city that still showcases its culture, history and roots. The tourists will get a sense of the Norwegian way of life when they travel to Oslo in Norway. They get an amazing city tour of Norway on a coach bus. This tour covers major landmarks of the city of Oslo in Norway which the tourists would not like to miss on their journey to Norway. After Oslo on this Norway Holiday Packages tour they move on to a scenic place called Bergen. In Bergen the travelers enjoy a lovely Bergen Fjord Cruise by coach that showcases the Fjords that Norway is famous for all over the world.

The tourists return back to India after an awesome well planned tour to Norway that gives an authentic idea for travelers about the beautiful country of Norway.

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