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A Fun Tour to Paris in France for Indian Tourists

One of the most beautiful cities in the world is Paris. Paris is the capital city of France and a major political, cultural, economic and historic center in Europe. Paris has had a very long history and this is a modern French city today which has preserved its culture and history. Paris has very famous monuments and is dotted with charming restaurants and bistros that give Paris a unique identity. The French are famous for their way of life, culture and cuisine all over the world. Paris showcases these aspects of the French very well. There are some really great tourist destinations in Paris. There are some great museums, shops and amazing restaurants with lovely European and French cuisines in Paris. Paris Holiday Tour Packages are a great idea for the tourists from India to experience this amazing European city.

Paris Vacation Packages from Delhi India
Holiday in Paris

There is a very experienced and renowned tour operator in India that plans international holiday packages for Indian tourists. As the Indian working professionals are very busy nowadays they are looking for shorter trips abroad where they can relax and explore new places on their vacations for a short duration of time. This tour operator understands this need in the tourism industry today and accordingly has planned several short tour packages abroad. One such tour package is the Paris Vacation Tours Package for Paris in Western Europe. Paris Holiday Tour Package is a 07 days and 06 night’s package that covers the amazing city of Paris. This is a well planned Paris Tour Package and so all the necessary travel arrangements regarding the short vacation in Paris are taken care of by the tour operator. This allows the tourists to explore this amazing French city and have a short getaway vacation in one of the best cities in the world, Paris.

Details of the Tour:

Paris Tour Package starts when the tourists arrive in Paris from India and check-in to the hotel.  The first day is a day of leisure for the tourists arriving in Paris. They can explore the streets of Paris and visit charming places in the city. The next day the tourists get a real sense of the major landmarks in the city. After breakfast, the tourists are taken on a sightseeing tour across the French capital. They get a chance to see the major tourist destinations in Paris. Paris Vacation Tour Packages also takes the tourists to the 2nd Floor of the famous Eiffel Tower for a bird’s eye view of the city. The Paris tour also includes the Seine River cruise and an opportunity to see the Lido Show in Paris. Next day the tourists return back to India after a great mini vacation in Paris.

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